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205 Live Is Dead

An Enzo Amore-shaped torpedo.

by Michael Hunt | September 29, 2017

Maybe it was a flawed concept to begin with. An arbitrary weight limit for a class of wrestlers performing moves that are more and more common. Maybe it was the scheduling. Adding another hour onto the two-hour SmackDown and limiting it to a WWE Network-only show. Or maybe it was the booking. Placing too much emphasis on TJ Perkins to get over and not building anyone else up within the division. Whatever hit the first shot or two into the side of the 205 Live ship, Enzo Amore’s championship reign will finally sink it.

If you haven’t been paying any attention to 205 Live, Enzo Amore, and the general state of the cruiserweights in the WWE, then I am very jealous. 205 has been struggling ever since it began to gain traction with fans beyond the absolute hardcore. Then came the king, Neville, who found himself off the major shows, turned heel and made a name for himself. Neville was champion, he couldn’t be beaten, and he was amazing to watch. The show was still struggling but it finally had a character to get behind and hopefully the remaining talent could gain traction too. Then Enzo Amore was kicked off a bus, removed from his tag team, and placed on 205 Live.

Enzo arrived and was granted a championship shot. As we ramped up to No Mercy it seemed to most that this would be the final stop on the embarrassment of Enzo tour. Enzo would lose, Neville would reign, and perhaps the show would benefit from the few extra eyeballs on it. Instead, Enzo won the championship, ran afoul of the entire cruiserweight division and somehow continues to be relevant in storyline. Enzo’s heel turn is complete, his merchandise and catchphrases will suffer, and Neville may have a chance to transition to full on hero role. However the damage is done, the show is has been shuddered by an Enzo-shaped torpedo, and no amount of bailing can help it recover.

When Enzo was pushed onto 205 Live as punishment it became clear the show was an afterthought. A strange waste of money to keep talented indie wrestlers locked away. Maybe the WWE hoped something would spark in that keg of talent, and that spark could erupt onto one of their main shows. Whatever their hope it didn’t require much effort. Then Enzo won the championship and it was clear that everything to do with 205 Live meant nothing. The entire show, its roster, its belt, its dwindling fan base all meant nothing because Enzo needed to be punished. Not fired, not removed from TV, not placed in the background. Enzo was moved to a floundering show as some sort of wrestling prison sentence.

What makes it all worse the lack of potential. Enzo will either wither or prosper. Perhaps all this extra air time, extra promo time, and extra championship reigns will revitalize his career. And where once Neville reigned and impressed, Enzo swoops in and earned by being a jerk behind the curtain. It’s yet more evidence of WWE’s complete lack of understand and planning for their product. There is no end goal, only reactions for shock value. The company is ran like a drunk man trying to quietly drive home. It’s meandering, disappointing, and downright dangerous to those who have to put their bodies and livelihoods on the line just so Enzo Amore gets a slap on the wrist.

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Michael Hunt is the ProWrestling.Cool editor with the hot, hot takes and is also an editor over at VideoGameChooChoo. He enjoys burritos, reruns of Friends, Pokémon cards, and the occasional metal concert.



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