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Bring Back King of the Ring

Crown a new king!

by Michael Hunt | June 16, 2017

I don’t care who does it but someone needs to bring back the King of the Ring Tournament. Somehow it’s only been two years since the last one and yet it feels like forever. A tournament meant to put over all kinds of talent and tell all kinds of stories. So much can happen over the course of a four-round tournament that you’re doing yourself a disservice by not having a new tournament every few years. It’s time WWE, revive the King of the Ring.

2015's barely counts as a real king of the ring.

When done correctly, a tournament can showcase the immense talent a company has to offer. Flashback to the Cruiserweight, tag team, and United Kingdom tournaments over the past few years in the WWE and think about the variety of talent portrayed through them all. The audience was introduced to a new set of wrestlers who were allowed to go on TV and tell their own stories through their own characters. With a King of the Ring tournament, the WWE could give the same shot in the arm to their own deep bench of talent. As the generational shift continues in the WWE locker room, why not spend a pay-per-view to put these talented wrestlers in the ring together?

Won’t someone think of the stories? A match against two members of The New Day, or against former Shield brothers, or former indie rivals could spark off a new story today. It’s a fantasy booker's paradise too. Cesaro takes on Finn Balor, or Shinsuke Nakamura versus Braun Strowman, or Bray Wyatt wrestling his real life brother Bo Dallas. You can create even just small moments that would be memorable years later, especially when you’re unlikely to recreate them ever again. In a time when the WWE is struggling to jump start any story with anyone, a new tournament could naturally create month's worth of matches for them.


Nearly every winner granted the title of King of the Ring has had an incredible career. Wrestlers like Triple H, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, Owen Hart, and of course Steve Austin who used his opportunity to introduce his new persona, Stone Cold. Vince McMahon complains the new talent don’t reach out for brass rings and yet here would be a wonderful chance to challenge newcomers to do just that. A moment in time, whether you win or not, to make yourself stand out among fans and within the WWE itself.

The WWE are already putting on too many pay-per-views, something the upcoming Great Balls of Fire proves with its name alone. So why not take one of these and attempt to push some new talent? Unlike the obvious “shakeup” from earlier this year it could be a big moment for the immensely talented locker room to put themselves on display.

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Michael Hunt is the ProWrestling.Cool editor with the hot, hot takes and is also an editor over at VideoGameChooChoo. He enjoys burritos, reruns of Friends, Pokémon cards, and the occasional metal concert.



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