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Enzo Might Be Done-zo

If this was Big Cass he'd be a big ass. Rhyming!

by Michael Hunt | August 11, 2017

You might be wondering why so many of WWE’s tag teams are suddenly singles wrestlers. While there is no explaining every booking decision the WWE wakes up, there is one that was a long time coming. When Enzo Amore and Big Cass debuted against the Dudley Boyz it seemed destined they would be the next top tag team. Even with The New Day burning down houses wherever they went, Enzo and Cass had a bright future ahead of them. Then reality came crashing down.

In NXT, Enzo and Cass went from generic tag team to a force of nature. You can go watch their early promo work and see how their chemistry slowly comes together. Their transition from apprehensive duds to a dynamic duo was indicative of NXT as a whole. They worked hard, gave wrestling their full effort, and succeeded right before our eyes. When they finally transitioned to the main roster everything about them screamed stardom. The crowds knew their catchphrases, their merchandise sold well, and even though they didn’t win any championships they were clearly next in line. Then Enzo ruined it all.

If you’ve listened to any amount of interviews with Vince McMahon over the past few years you’ll know he doesn’t think highly of the locker room. In the 90s and early 2000s the locker room was ruled by a set of rules that kept talent in line. It was probably needed in the time when the WWE was acquiring tons of outside talent and shoving them together with wrestlers they once competed against. Nowadays there isn’t the spectre of the Undertaker roaming the hallways ready to usher in “wrestler’s court” to solve various locker room infractions. It seems like wrestlers could do no wrong and be the free spirit millennials Vince assumes they all are. Then Enzo proved him wrong.

Everything reported about Enzo is unconfirmed rumors leaking from backstage, but no one is denying them and it matches perfectly with on camera actions. Enzo’s reputation in the locker room is terribly low. It started when Enzo, while on a tour bus, made a loud phone call that upset the roster so much that Roman Reigns had to kick him off. Afterward he began dressing away from everyone else before shows. This is about the time when Enzo and Cass were split and Enzo’s promos began taking on real life details. Enzo was worried about his future and his place in the company. Enzo didn’t stop his behavior though, his antics in strip clubs came out on Twitter and he was bringing guests into the locker room that fellow wrestlers were uncomfortable with.

Since then Enzo’s star has fallen. Announcers are describing Enzo as unliked and unwanted and rumors are flying he’ll soon be sent to 205 Live or NXT. In the age of new talent flooding the roster Enzo has set himself apart in the worst ways possible. No matter of your opinion of his wrestling or his place in the company it’s clear to see that Enzo is on thin ice and unless he changes his choices he won’t be around much longer.

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