PW.C's G1 Climax 28 Coverage: Nights 8-11

We have to move on, but not before a possible Match of the Tournament

by Owen Douglass | August 02, 2018

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For the first time, ProWrestling.Cool is going to attempt to cover New Japan's entire G1 Climax, a very long tournament with around 90 total matches. Owen Douglass and Trace Evans are going to watch every single show and give weekly recaps, along with pointing out which matches you should seek out and watch if you can't watch the entire tournament.

On this episode:

Trace and Owen are starting to realize just how much wrestling they signed up for, as they struggle through the A Block due mostly to Yoshi-Hashi and watch as the B Block again sets a new standard and a possible Match of the Year.

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About Owen Douglass

Owen Douglass is a co-founder of ProWrestling.Cool and one of the hosts of the Heel Turn podcast. With over 20 years of wrestling experience, there isn't much that shocks him these days.



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