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WWE Raw 10/09/17: #notyourshield

This week on Raw: a trio of veterans beat up and young, exciting new talent for no reason.

by John Gawarecki-Maxwell | October 10, 2017

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About Becoming What You Hate...

So let’s get the obvious out of the way: The Shield is back together after three years and hasn’t skipped a beat. They murdered The Miz and his jerk friends for having the audacity to hilariously give themselves awards to “you deserve it” chants, all while looking like badass stone cold killers. This should be awesome, right? After all, The Shield was unassailably the best thing going in WWE for close to two years. They even hold a special place in my heart since they debuted a few weeks before I started watching again; watching them at that time felt like I was helping start that bandwagon rather than jumping on to a previously established one like I did with CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. So why am I so unenthused by this?

Well for one, they’re hurting The Miz and he’s my sweet, angry little jerk boy and you leave him alone! More importantly, there’s what happened to Braun Strowman later in the show they put a really bad taste in my mouth. So to review: since being made to look like a big jabroni at Brock Lesnar’s hands, Braun has spent his time having standard matches against guys who usually wrestle as part of a tag team, starting with Dean Ambrose two weeks ago, moving to Seth Rollins last week and taking on Matt Hardy this week. Braun has won all the matches obviously, but his victories have been noticeably less “monstrous” - the matches have been competitive and Braun hasn’t done much heel work throughout the matches, winning clean and keeping the violence between the bells. So, naturally, the segment ends with The Shield confronting Braun on the stage and kicking his ass, triple-powerbombing him through the announce table.

But why? The Shield’s whole thing was that they were The Hounds of Justice, focused on taking out lazy old timers and other people they thought were bad for the business. Granted a lot of that was posturing as it became clear throughout their heel run that The Shield were mercenaries that would sell themselves to the highest bidder (generally Paul Heyman or The Authority) but they fully committed to that archetype after their face turn, destroying The New Age Outlaws and Kane in about a minute at WrestleMania XXX and spending the following two months bringing Evolution out of retirement so they could kick their asses so hard that Batista pageant-waved himself to Hollywood. And now they’re attacking Braun for what, exactly? Because they’re mad that Braun beat Ambrose and Rollins without relying on shenanigans? Because he also beat Matt Hardy without having to make an example of him? That’s the behavior of a gaggle of petty assholes who need The Damned Numbers Game to look tough, not that of three legit badasses who don’t have time for anyone’s nonsense. And yeah, you could argue that The Shield was always more the former than the latter and people liked them anyway. The difference is, when The Shield was reliant on TDNG to succeed before, WWE had the decency to act like that wasn’t okay. Oh also, they were three midcarders and not three former world champions, one of whom keeps being underlined in red as “the guy everyone should think is the best and most important person in the universe.”

Sure, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for the cage match between Roman and Strowman planned for next week, but it’s ridiculous that the set-up for it had to involve the babyface reunion of the coolest trio ever doing the kind of stuff that only made sense when they were villains. Congratulations Shield, it didn’t even take you a week to become everything you fought against.

About Sequels...

Remember when Emma was an awesome, well-respected wrestler that everyone knew was destined for greatness? Me neither, but Emma used to be so much more than this, you know? I'm glad that they're giving her another moment in the spotlight even if it's to once again be Asuka's sacrificial lamb, but could they have picked a worse way to put her in this spot? I don't mean to keep talking about things that happened when I started watching WWE again (even though it was better) but I couldn't help but get flashbacks to when Jack Swagger won that Elimination Chamber match with a similarly mediocre roll-up. It's not like I expect Emma to stand any sort of chance against Asuka, but a finish like this is nothing more than a dead giveaway that WWE isn't going to even bother trying to make it look competitive.

About the Death of Enzo...

Since it doesn't seem like the King will be retaking his throne anytime soon (or ever), we're going to have to deal with Enzo Amore as the Cruiserweights' top heel for a while. That wouldn't be so bad if he was good at anything but annoying people, but alas.

Honestly, I don't know what the plan even is with Enzo. The crowd for this week's Raw was surprisingly high on him, defying both all his character work in the past few weeks and common sense itself. Meanwhile, Kalisto is still fun to watch and technically talented but struggles to get anyone to care unless he's actively trying to kill himself like with that superplex to ringside (which admittedly was totally rad). And again, it comes back to the same issue as with Emma where despite winning, Kalisto won in such a way that makes him look like he stands no chance in the rematch. I mean, Enzo got the visual pin with his terrible finisher and only lost because Mustafa Ali decided to punch him in the face. What the hell is that about?

About Sister Abigail...


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