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WWE SmackDown 02/27/18: Big E Smalls

Some things are better left Unsolved

by Owen Douglass | February 28, 2018

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About The Women's Division...

It's almost over

Natalya continues to not exist, but at least Carmella was backstage answering Twitter questions. So that counts for something, right? Either way, the other six women on the SmackDown women's roster continue their feud that's been going for months. Charlotte Flair wrapped up her thing of beating everyone in the Riott Squad except Ruby, and now the opposite is happening with Ruby Riott being everyone except Charlotte. At least this will all be over next week at Fastlane as Charlotte easily beats Ruby Riott because, seriously, do you think Riott will have the title heading into WrestleMania? We just need Asuka to jump ship and challenge her soon so we can spark some life into this division.

About Breezango...

Josh Duhamel appeared on SmackDown this week to do one of the USA Network show plugs, but this was an excellent one. To promote "Unsolved" he walks into Breezango's locker room "office" and has a weird interaction with them and The New Day. I actually laughed out loud at the Big E bit and Fandango's disappointment when he discovers that Duhamel is not an actual detective. It's well worth a watch.

About The Usos And New Day Promo...

This is another section where I need to post the video instead of a fun GIF, because oh boy was this segment spicy. The New Day started off doing their usual schtick of people a bunch of weirdos, including Big E get spritzed on the balls multiple times by Kofi Kingston. But then The Usos interrupted with some serious shit, like the fact that despite being here for so many years they have still not had a match at WrestleMania. When The Usos tried to point out how The New Day are trapped in the past with their goofy outfits and pancakes, Big E fires back about The Usos only getting where they are because of their bloodline.

All of this was awesome and the best things these teams have done since their rap battle. The stakes are now high for The Usos at Fastlane as their WrestleMania spot is likely on the line.

About John Cena...

Give AJ your power... and your hand

John Cena's attempts on Raw to secure a WrestleMania spot failed miserably - including an attempt to challenge The Undertaker - so he came crawling back to SmackDown. Because he's John Cena, of course he was welcomed with open arms and given an opportunity to enter the WWE Championship match at Fastlane... by defeating the champ in a single match on SmackDown. The match itself was awesome, but not really comparable to their other matches since those were on pay-per-view and given plenty of time.

So now the title match at Fastlane is a 6-Pack Challenge and adds some much-needed star power since they threw in people like Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin. AJ Styles will obviously retain to keep the dream match on track with Shinsuke Nakamura, so where does this leave John Cena? There are some people who still believe the match with The Undertaker will happen, but I'm not quite sure. Taker is very old and is not able to put on the high quality matches he could in the past, so it would be best for him to stay retired. But what else could Cena do? Perhaps a match involving a celebrity?

About The Mixed Match Challenge...

Shocked Miz Kid

I was hopeful that the Mixed Match Challenge would pick back up momentum with the start of the second round, and it sure delivered on that this week. The story of the match was really well done, taking into account storylines outside of the tournament. Asuka was worried that The Miz would cost her the undefeated streak since he lost to Finn Balor the previous night. Even though it was obvious that they wouldn't lose, the nearfalls and teases were a lot of fun. The finish with Sasha Banks tapping out while not legal distracting Finn so he got rolled up was really well done. This was definitely the best wrestling match this show has had so far.

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