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WWE SmackDown 06/06/17: #Blessed

We may not get Rusev at Money in the Bank, but we've got Lana!

by Owen Douglass | June 07, 2017

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About The Women's Money in the Bank...

That's a really nice looking briefcase.

SmackDown this week opened with Shane McMahon and the five women in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match to unveil the briefcase, and boy that briefcase looks really sharp. It's white with gold accents as opposed to the blue one the men have. This was also an opportunity for the women to all cut promos on each other, which included a great bit where Natalya called out Charlotte Flair for stealing from her father before she went on to steal from her uncle. As thing devolved, Naomi showed up to claim she's ready for whoever wins the briefcase. But then suddenly, in a legitimate surprise, Lana debuted and wanted into the ladder match. Everyone laughed her off since she just got here and hasn't had a singles match in WWE, but she reemerged during the 6-woman tag match to cost Naomi the win. This led to her demanding a match with Lana at the pay-per-view and she was even willing to put the title on the line to get the match.

I thought all of this was brilliantly done, and totally caught me off guard. It gives us a second women's match on the card while the other five are tied up in the ladder match, and it adds a level of mystery to how Lana will perform in the ring. Plus, Lana was fantastic on the mic during the opening segment and later on Talking Smack. She still has the Russian accent, but her ability to think on her feet while staying it is was impressive. I'm happy to have her added to the division and I hope she and Naomi have a good match, since I'm not sure Naomi has the ability to carry it if Lana isn't fully ready.

About Mojo Rawley...

Even Shane is surprised to see that trophy.

Last time we saw Mojo Rawley, he was in England trying to get a group of children to join his Andre the Giant cult. Now he's reemerged backstage - still with his ghost-possessed trophy - trying to get into Money in the Bank. Shane McMahon replies with listing off people who deserve a spot more than him, until Mojo points out that time Rob Gronkowski helped him beat Jinder Mahal. So Shane sets up a match where if he can beat Jinder again, he gets put into the ladder match. Of course, without Gronk there and Jinder now having two mini Gronks, he failed to capitalize on the situation.

Now I'm left wondering where does Mojo go from here. Does he disappear again? Or could we please go back to him being entranced by the trophy to spread Andre's Good News? I really wanted them to get more weird with it, but it was sort of just dropped. There's potential there.

About The Fashion Files...

Still the best thing in the WWE right now.

The Fashion Files continue their noir theme, but this time they're with The New Day visiting to hire them for a case. The New Day getting to play straight to Breezango's weirdness and not understanding how their telepathy works is incredible and gives me more hope that Breezango need not worry about being replaced as the comedy act on SmackDown. Please never stop doing these.

About The New Day vs. Usos...

The best parts of the Usos' promos are the reactions.

After stopping by Breezango's office, The New Day took on The Colons. A few months ago this match happened on Raw and it was awful. However, now with The Colons having a new fire under them with the gimmick change and The New Day coming fresh off a short hiatus, this was a solid match that even went through a commercial break. The New Day won the match with the Midnight Hour, and as they celebrated they were interrupted by The Usos. The Usos did that thing where they cut an off-the-wall promo about their penitentiary while the people in the ring make confused faces.

This feud continues to be solid, with everyone involved being really entertaining. However I'm still awaiting a long back-and-forth promo segment between the two teams where they can react to each others' remarks. We got a taste of it the other week, and I feel it would be great for the go-home promo.

About The Main Event...

This is probably the best End of Days ever.

The main event was Kevin Owens vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, which was built around the fact that Nakamura has pinned the United States Champion twice now in tag team matches. Sami Zayn was originally set to be on commentary during this, but Baron Corbin decided to destroy him backstage and take his place so he could spend the match talking shit, and I was kind of into it. The match itself, however, was just fine. That's not a good thing when you look at the talent in the ring and the fact they got 15 minutes to work with. It just wasn't all that excited of a match, and the crowd wasn't invested in it either. Nakamura did pick up the win again with the Kinshasa, and I have no problem with that because it's Shinsuke Nakamura. I also enjoyed Baron Corbin running in for The End of Days after the match because Nakamura did an amazing job selling it and making it look devastating.

I'm still getting wary about Nakamura's main roster run. His entrance is still marred with those "explosions" and now Greg is even saying the "The Artist Known As" during it. I thought the pivot to "The Rockstar" would fix thing but they continue to not look good and it's losing the crowd. Let him just be a weird Japanese man that beats the shit out of people, it's worked everywhere else. Including NXT.

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