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WWE SmackDown 08/01/17: No More Metaphors

The case to find Fandango peaks.

by Owen Douglass | August 02, 2017

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About AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens...

Kevin Owens has been providing some good reactions recently

Last week's episode ended with AJ Styles winning back the United States Championship and Kevin Owens enacting his rematch clause. This week we opened with that rematch, and again I was left wondering why we didn't get a match this good at Battleground when I was ringside. The finish ended similarly though, with a weird pinfall deciding things. This time it was because Kevin Owens hit the referee, temporarily blinding him so he could not see Owens' shoulder was up. I actually like this, because it was Owens' own fault, yet he has enough to put the blame on Shane McMahon, who was rumored to have a match with a SummerSlam.

However, things took a twist with Shane and Daniel Bryan giving Owens a rematch at SummerSlam, but Shane is the referee. It's good to have a surprise, and this still lays the groundwork for a future match with Owens and Shane at a lesser pay-per-view. The problem is though that we're having yet another match with Styles and Owens, which is getting a bit much at this point. We could have kept Styles available to fight someone fresh like Rusev, but now he's stuck in another bad situation. We'll talk more about that in a bit.

About The Usos...

Uce Os Rock

Last week I praised The Usos for putting the comedy aside to become badasses again who are pissed they had their championships taken from that. I wrote that I hope this is the new direction, and we don't go back to them being silly, but... that's exactly what they did this week. Don't get me wrong that I enjoyed them mocking The New Day's entrance and gloating about laying them out, but I want them to take a break from the silliness for this particular feud and get serious, creating a threatening dynamic to the champs. Maybe there's still time to course correct, but at this point I have high doubts.

I also really enjoy The Usos' theme song now has lyrics. It's way better than the lyrics added to certain Raw superstar's theme.

About Rusev...

RIP Chad Gable's Face

Remember when I said we'd get back to talking about Rusev? Wouldn't it be great if he was super pissed off at America after losing the Flag Match and take it out on the United States Champion? Yeah, instead we have him stuck in a program with Randy Orton because The Great Khali isn't coming back. The thing about Rusev is he needs a strong opponent to make his shtick work, and the snake man is absolutely not that after coming off his feud with other foreigner Jinder Mahal.

Rusev had a great match with Chad Gable before cutting a promo asking for competition for SummerSlam. My fears were realized when Orton showed up and cut a boring promo. Rusev yelled a whole mess of Bulgarian which was fun, but then it ended with the usual RKO. I honestly can't see how this match is going to be any good. My only hope is the build is only Rusev beating up superior opponents for the next couple weeks.

About Fashion Peaks...


These segments continue to top the previous ones. But the important thing is Tyler Breeze knows who is behind this now, making me believe SummerSlam will be the actual ending. Some internet sleuths believe this is leading to Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, but I really hope this is a red herring and The Authors of Pain make their main roster debut.

About John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Which ACTUALLY HAPPENED)...

RIP John Cena's Neck

Um, holy shit? I was totally wrong about this being a ruse and they actually had this dream match on SmackDown. And it lived up to the hype. You should do yourself a favor a go watch it, because this kicked ass even with the television restraints. John Cena tried to do his typical moves to win, but Nakamura's weirdness was able to get out of it. Cena even tried to do the Attitude Adjustment where rolls into another one that won him his 16th championship, but Nakamaura countered it into a rough drop onto the back of his head before a Kinshasa. The correct person won, and now a very exciting WWE Championship match is set for SummerSlam.

For real, huge credit to John Cena for putting Nakamura over looking like a million bucks, and telling him not to be sorry for dropping him on his head. He's a real class act, even if I'll continue to boo his character.

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