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WWE SmackDown 08/08/17: We're Gonna Need More Pies

Things continue to get weird on Tuesdays, but mostly in a good way.

by Owen Douglass | August 09, 2017

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About Dumpster Fires...

Come on dude, hold that sign up better.

So Monday Night still airs every week for three damn hours and not a whole lot of good comes out of it. Everyone is getting injured, Enzo Amore is still a thing, and the women's division is as bad as ever.

...Oh, we're not talking about Raw in this section? Right, the crowd in Toronto was chanting "dumpster fire" at Baron Corbin this week in the opening segment of SmackDown. They're not wrong, since Corbin interrupted John Cena's promo congratulating Shinsuke Nakamura for defeating him last week and showed off his horrendous new stage graphics and theme song. Seriously, his old entrance was so great and unique. Why would they downgrade it so much?

The point of all this was Corbin saying he doesn't care about John Cena and only wants the WWE Championship, but Daniel Bryan still makes the match for SummerSlam. I don't have high hopes for this match, as Cena flourishes with skilled opponents and Corbin just had a horrible match with SHINSUKE NAKAMURA. He'll lose at SummerSlam and then probably cash in on Nakamura at the end of the show because all SummerSlams in Brooklyn have to end on a bummer.

About Fashion Peaks Pt. II...

Honestly, I have no idea where this is even going anymore. So it wasn't the same people who killed Tully the Horse and destroyed their office? Are we still pursuing that story or are we just gonna keep doing weird things? How does the "aliens" thing explain them getting jumped at Battleground? I'm still really enjoying these segments, but I hope they don't stay off having a storyline and become nothing but references.

About The Women's Division...

The true WWE power couple is back!

SmackDown took some steps to improve the state of the women's division this week, with two separate storylines having time to develop. The first was Lana and Tamina's relationship, with Lana following through with her challenge to Charlotte Flair from last week. She had told Tamina backstage last week about how much more ravishing she is, but that didn't help her inexperience in the ring as Charlotte obliterated her without breaking a sweat. Later on we find Lana getting her stuff together in the locker room looking upset when Tamina comes in. But instead of saying "I told you so" to Lana, she instead points out that while Tamina is the superior wrestler, Lana got three straight title shots because of her ambition. It looks like Lana is going to help Tamina work on that while Tamina perhaps helps teach Lana how to get better in the ring. This is exactly where I wanted this to go, and I feel like this is going to really help both stand out and get attention in the division.

In the other story in the division, Carmella took on Naomi in a non-title match. For a Carmella match, this was surprisingly not terrible. But the important thing is that the match ended with the return of James Ellsworth to help Carmella steal the win. Ellsworth has been missed dearly as Carmella was sort of floundering on her with no real direction outside of holding up her briefcase. Now he's back right before SummerSlam, and with Naomi losing she now is filled with a ton of doubt. Natalya is sort of on the outside looking in despite having the title match, but I'm sure the match will still be great. This will probably be the time to pull the trigger on the briefcase though.

About Shane McMahon's History as a Referee...

Well, this is awkward...

In one of the smartest segments in quite a while, Shane McMahon welcomed AJ Styles and Kevin Owens to the ring to discuss him being the referee for their United States Championship rematch. Kevin Owens clearly has issues with Shane, as he feels like he's constantly trying to screw him over as of late. But Owens brings up that he also has issues with AJ Styles from earlier this year, showing off footage from the time Styles put his head through a car window leading up to their WrestleMania match. This led to Styles giving Shane a warning that if he tries anything funny against him they can revisit that feud. This establishes that now there is paranoia on both sides, creating a more interesting dynamic for the match.

But it didn't stop there, as Shane tried to say he'll be impartial but Owens dug up footage from Survivor Series 1998. In a match between Steve Austin and Mankind, Shane refused to count Austin's pinfall and intentionally screwed him. Using established past events to help tell a story is awesome and should happen way more often. This is becoming my most anticipated match of SummerSlam outside of the WWE Championship and it's all because of good storytelling.

About Champions Losing...

Welp, so much for Jinder

Earlier I briefly touched on the fact that Carmella pinned the SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi in a non-title match. It never good to see champions lose in singles matches, but at least in that situation it served a purpose with James Ellsworth interfering and establishing Carmella being a serious threat (because she has help). The main event of SmackDown though featured the WWE Champion just straight-up losing. Not only that, but to the man he's beaten for the last three pay-per-views. The difference here was that Jinder Mahal had no outside help due to The Singh Brothers being out with injuries. So Randy Orton finally defeated Jinder Mahal, but with zero benefit for him since it was non-title and the championship match for SummerSlam is already set. Why do this? Jinder Mahal now looks weaker than ever as champion, and Orton could have wrestled someone like Chad Gable if he needed to get heated back up. It worked for his upcoming opponent Rusev.

Speaking of Rusev, he attacked Orton on the stage right as the show went off the air, and I'm sure they continued it on the WWE Network but I didn't care to tune in. This is clearly a trick to get people to watch 205 Live, but after cancelling Talking Smack there's zero chance I'm watching the Network on Tuesday nights now.

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