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WWE SmackDown 09/18/18: Queen, Bitch

If she says she can do it, then she can do it, she don't make false claims

by Owen Douglass | September 19, 2018

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About The New Day vs. The Bar...

Cesaro just doing Cesaro things

The New Day successfully defended their tag team titles on Sunday, albeit on the Kickoff for some reason. So now we're heading toward their match in Australia against The Bar, which they did a good job of justifying despite losing a #1 contender's match recently. They said Paige gave them the shot because they've been working toward this since coming to SmackDown and have been consistently solid.

On SmackDown we had a preview between Cesaro and Kofi Kingston. If you remember years back, these two tore the roof off on Main Event. This match wasn't quite at that level, but it was still awesome and got to showcase Cesaro's crazy strength. I've missed Cesaro doing impressive feats in singles matches, so this was welcome and makes me hope that they could let him do it more. Possibly a US Title match with Shinsuke Nakamura after Australia?

About Randy Orton...

Randy is so into this

First off, fuck Randy Orton for Sunday's Hell in a Cell match. I don't remember the last time I was screaming nonstop at the television, but that definitely happened during the screwdriver spot. This was gross and upsetting, but it was perfect. But then Randy Orton took it further on Tuesday by storming the production truck and getting his rocks off by choking a production member and staring at the pictures of it. Randy Orton is a pervert who is getting disgusting joy from mutilating our heroes, and it makes him the most interesting he has been in a long time and the second biggest heel on SmackDown. Bravo, you asshole.

About AJ Styles vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas...

And this is when I knew they believe in Almas

We were treated with another match between AJ Styles and Andrade "Cien" Almas, and it definitely delivered more than their first one. They gave them multiple segments and had a solid back-and-forth, making Almas look like a superstar on Styles' level. He even looked as though he could pull off a surprise victory with the double stomp off the top rope driving Styles into the ring apron.

The best part was that it had a clean finish. They didn't use this as a distraction leading up to Samoa Joe interference. Instead Styles picked up a hard-fought win that made both men look awesome and then have Samoa Joe show up AFTERWARDS for the attack. I'm really happy with how this was all handled, and hope this means more opportunities for Almas. Just don't have him talk, let Zelina handle all of it.

About Rusev Day Being Ruined...

It was fun while it lasted

It finally happened. After failing to capture the tag titles on Sunday, Rusev pinned the blame on Aiden English again even if he was "trying his best" and instead would go for the US Title alone. Aiden went off to an assistant backstage about how much Rusev and Lana suck without him before realizing Lana was behind him. She tried to go and tell Rusev, but he was too focused on the match that she didn't get the chance. English caused a distraction "unintentionally" at ringside again and it cost Rusev the match, but then English sneaked in and beat Rusev down with Lana watching on and screaming.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. I do feel it's time for Rusev to have a singles focus since the tag division is crowded. But I'll miss Aiden's singing about Rusev Day, and after this feud I have no idea where he goes next. There's already a ton of underutilized midcarders like Tye Dillinger on the roster. I'm afraid he won't be around for too long unless he finds someone else to attach himself to.

About Queen Becky Lynch...

Long live the new queen

Becky Lynch continues to be the best babyface on SmackDown, and she was even given the main event segment this week. After successfully defeating Charlotte Flair cleanly at Hell in a Cell to win the Women's Championship, she had her coronation in the middle of the ring with Paige presenting her with the belt. She then called out Charlotte to demean her and ensure she doesn't try to take Becky's moment again like at SummerSlam. She then demands Charlotte to call her queen... followed by calling her a "bitch" again and brawling.

Regardless of if the WWE thinks they're setting her as a heel, Becky is still the best and the crowd continues to cheer for her. It's because she's not taking shortcuts, she's just a bad ass anti-hero who doesn't take shit from anyone. I don't understand why anyone would boo Becky, because she's been correct this whole time and giving Charlotte what she deserves after swooping in at SummerSlam to ruin her title match. I don't want them to change anything about Becky, except maybe have her fight against heels. They should turn Charlotte soon before they ruin things by waiting too long and loosing all the heat in this feud.

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