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WWE SmackDown 10/03/17: YOU RUINED IT

Live every day like it's Rusev Day.

by Owen Douglass | October 04, 2017

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About Shinsuke Nakamura Talking...

Pictured: WWE holding Nakamura down

SmackDown this week opened with Renee Young interviewing Shinsuke Nakamura in the ring, and it was not good at all. It felt like Renee was just carefully guiding him from one pre-written response to the next, and being in the arena it was met with "what" chants since Nakamura had to take pauses to try to say the words clearly. Nakamura should be more about action and being weird with his body language then trying to read lines the writers gave him. I appreciate the weird way he says words with his accent, but if they could have kept it to pre-taped backstage segments that can be edited down and a lot shorter, maybe it could have worked.

Jinder Mahal also sneak attacked him at the end and had the Singh Brothers stop the Kinshasa so he could instead hit the Khallas, and it wasn't anything too exciting. It did give away both men hitting their finishers before their match, so that's a bit of a bummer. Hopefully with Jinder having the advantage here we can get the belt on Shinsuke and get him as far away from Mahal as possible.

About Natalya and Carmella...

My reaction to this segment

Once again we saw Natalya and Carmella teaming up in a tag match on SmackDown, because reasons. It didn't help that we had an awkward backstage segment between them before the match with Natalya using a flat joke calling Carmella a bitch. The actual match however was decent, but mostly because they were facing Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. Corey Graves on commentary did a great job putting over the fact that Charlotte has gotten soft since turning face upon her arrival to SmackDown, pointing out all her championship reigns on Mondays yet having zero so far here.

The match ends with Carmella taking out Becky with the briefcase and Natalya tapping Charlotte out, then the two winners starring each other down. My hopes of them making Carmella lie low for a surprise cash-in are pretty much dashed for Hell in a Cell, which means there's very low odds of her pulling the trigger. Perhaps she'll do it at Starrcade after the Women's Title cage match, which none of us will get to see since they're apparently not airing it on the WWE Network.

About Dolph Ziggler Still Being Terrible...

Not sure what's more annoying, Dolph or the noisemakers

Bobby Roode was allowed to wrestle again this week, as was Mike Kanellis! Unfortunately Mike has nothing for him right now, so he quickly lost to the Glorious DDT. This was good, as it showed the crowd was still very much into Bobby Roode, but then Dolph Ziggler showed up and dragged the entire segment down. He was out to brainstorm ideas for his entrance at Hell in a Cell on Sunday, and then did the lamest shit with a big drum and noisemakers. It felt like he threw this together an hour before the show from a dollar store, and it did nothing to give heat to the character but to whoever was putting this segment together.

I should have some enthusiasm for this match, but I can't bring myself to do it. I want Dolph Ziggler to leave wrestling entirely, and I want Bobby Roode to go back to being the entitled heel he was in NXT. He can have an over entrance while still being a dick, that's exactly what he was doing before.

About Rusev, Da Best...


Last week we all got to celebrate Rusev Day with a huge Pride of Bulgaria Celebration... until Randy Orton RUINED IT. Fortunately Aiden English is still paired with Rusev after this travesty and wanted to fight for his honor. He is a gentleman, after all. But he's also still Aiden English and quickly lost to an RKO. The best part of the segment, aside form the pre-match promo by Rusev, was Rusev trying to slide into the ring post-match behind Orton's back, only to have him snap back into his viper pose causing Rusev to slowly slide back out.

The work everyone is doing in this feud is top notch and a great way to make them all be entertaining and a great contribution to the show after having been sitting around the sidelines previously. It actually retroactively made the SummerSlam match good, as it is the jumping off point of everything going on now. I hope Rusev and English don't disappear again after Sunday.

About Shane Not Listening...

Boy, Kevin needs to stop headbutting these McMahons... unless Steph is next

Before Shane McMahon went out to the ring for his "face to face" with Kevin Owens ahead of their match on Sunday, Sami Zayn (who seems totally okay, which is bullshit after what happened last week) tried to warn him that Owens is more dangerous than ever before. However, Shane is too full of himself and uses the "he'll be locked inside the cell WITH ME" line, and went out to the ring to add a Falls Count Anywhere stipulation to a match where you're supposed to be contained to the inside of a cage. When Owens shows up in the crowd instead of coming to the ring, Shane again is too thick-headed and chases after him, which results in a trip through a merch table courtesy of a powerbomb. Owens returns to the ring and claims he's going to pretty much murder Shane by throwing him off the top of the cell, and Shane again doesn't know better and makes his way back to the ring to eat a headbutt and Pop-Up Powerbomb.

There's no way Shane is going to win this match, right? And now that they've said "get thrown off the top of the cell" out loud, it kind of has to happen. I need to not get myself too excited about a promoted demolition derby after the way they handled Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar a couple weeks ago, but I want to believe SmackDown can pull this one off. I believe in Kevin Owens.

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