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WWE SmackDown 11/28/17: Bully 2: Mojo's Back Zack

You can't be hyped if you're dead

by Owen Douglass | November 29, 2017

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About The New Day...

Everyone is excited about what's happening

The New Day now have a thing with pancakes, including Big E carrying some (along with a bottle of syrup) in his singlet. It's super weird, but I'm way into it as I was laughing the whole time about how everyone was upset when Byron Saxton wanted to eat them. The actual match that went down around this was Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods taking on Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin, with commentary constantly bringing up how Gable & Benjamin were owed a rematch for The Usos' tag titles. What's odd is The New Day picked up a clean win!

Perhaps the reason for this was to set up a Triple Threat tag match at Clash of Champions, and if that's the case it's really smart. It keeps the streak of great matches between The New Day and Usos without just having the same match yet again, injecting another great team to mix it up. It's impressive just how good the tag division is on Tuesdays.

About The End of The Hype Bros...

RIP Zack Ryder :(

The Hype Bros challenged The Bludgeon Brothers to a rematch from last week, and it went almost exactly the same as last week, just with the two Hype Bros. swapping places. The Bludgeon Brothers still have those weird red outfits, but their in-ring is fun enough to ignore it for now. But the match wasn't nearly as important as what happened afterwards. For months Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley have been on a losing streak and mentioning how they need to change things to get out of it but not acting. This week Mojo acted and turned on his former partner, yelling "THE HYPE BROS ARE DEAD" to let us know they are breaking up.

Mojo was the right person to turn, as I think he could be a really interesting character as a heel after this. Being a jock bully who is mad at people not being hyped could work since we're not doing the Andre the Giant cult thing anymore. Here's hoping we get him and Tye Dillinger feuding soon.

About The Fashion Files...

RIP Ascension :(

After a week off, Breezango and The Ascension returned and did their parody of Saw. As a fan of the franchise, I was a bit disappointed in how few references there were but it was still good. We got a plugged in iPad with the villain's video playing and everyone chained up with a dead Tully in the middle holding the key of escape. Breezango escaped and left The Ascension to die from the poisonous gas, but I'm hoping this doesn't actually write them off these things. Watch them appear next time and never explain how they survived.

About The Riott Squad...

RIP Naomi :(

Who would have guessed that I don't like The Riott Squad? I mean, it's not like one of the members is my least favorite people in the entire company since they're an embodiment of everything I hate about New Jersey. But for real, The Riott Squad is off to a rough start as they continue to come off as a bad copy of what Absolution is doing on Raw. Over on Raw they have Paige doing all the talking and just having them come and go whenever a women's match happens. On SmackDown, we had an interview with the three where Ruby Riott came off as the only competent person on the microphone where Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan had a couple lines that came off terribly. Then they had a match with Charlotte Flair, Natalya, and Naomi that was a bit too long and sloppy that it wore of some of their shine from the week before.

The fact that Becky Lynch is gone to go shoot the Marine means and what we've seen over the last two weeks clearly shows that the women's division is going to revolve around these three for a while, and I'm extremely underwhelmed.

About Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn...

"What? This isn't ringside!"

The feud with Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn and Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan continued this week, as did the possible feud between Shane and Bryan. The show opened with Shane and Bryan discussing what went down last week between them and Bryan explained why Shane needs to understand why they need Owens and Zayn to stay on the show rather than being fired and scooped up by Raw. This resulted in Shane making the Owens vs. Randy Orton main event no disqualifications have barring Zayn from ringside.

During that match at the end of the night, Orton made the mistake of taking the fight up the ramp, which is not ringside. This gave Sami Zayn an opportunity to attack and help his best friend out, with Owens picking up a relatively clean win with a Superkick and Frog Splash. I'm curious as to if Daniel Bryan is actually working with them, and sent Sami out there to attack Orton on the ramp. A heel Daniel Bryan assuming control and making SmackDown the Sami & Kevin Show would be the fresh change SmackDown could use for WrestleMania season, which is quickly approaching.

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